Commenting on Planning Applications

Please note that at present we are not aware of a planning application being submitted for the main greenspace area.

For planning applications in general, the planning department gives the following guidance on how to comment on a planning application.

Material Considerations

Material considerations are the issues the Council can consider when assessing a planning application.

Material planning considerations include:

  • Contrary to the Development Plan
  • Road safety, traffic and parking issues
  • Residential amenity (loss of privacy, overshadowing, loss of daylight, etc)
  • Appearance (design, materials, scale, massing, etc)
  • Impact on the character and setting of a listed buildings and/or conservation areas

Non-Material Considerations

Non-material considerations are issues that cannot be taken account of and cannot influence our decision on an application.

Non-material planning considerations include:

  • Loss of a private view
  • Impact on property values
  • Legal issues such as feu restrictions or land ownership disputes
  • Commercial interests and competition
  • Matters covered by building regulations or other legislation

There is a map search tool on the planning website where you can check for planning applications in your area, this can be accessed here:


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