Greenspace Up for Sale – Your Help is Needed Urgently

The greenspace is under threat of development as flats.  City Property is in discussions with a developer, this is despite assurances from the Council in January 2008 that the site “will be excluded from any future development package”.

Please help to keep the greenspace for the community by signing our petition at:
and by contacting your elected representatives and Glasgow City Council to object to the sale and to let them know why you value this area:

Write to Glasgow City Council e.g. Richard Brown, Executive Director of Development and Regeneration Services (email:

Write to your local councillors:
Councillor Dr Martin Bartos, Scottish Green Party, Councillor Aileen Colleran , Independent,   Councillor Feargal Dalton, Scottish National Party (SNP),   Councillor Kenny McLean, Scottish National Party (SNP),

Write to MSPs, find them here: (

Visit our Facebook page ( and if you haven’t already, please become a member of the Friends of Group (it’s free!).

We are back in action!

For various reasons, work, life and IT related, the Friends of Group has been quiet of late, for which we apologise. However, the last few months have been spent regrouping and now is a really important time for the group and the greenspace (see news below).

If you are interested in becoming an active member of the group (e.g. a committee member or just offering a specific skill) please contact us.


Balshagray School Development Plans Update

The latest planning application for the Balshagray School site and adjoining land by the above mentioned adjoining owner can be viewed on the Council website here:

The plans show 69 flats, 58 parking spaces, and removal of all trees at the west side of the school site.

Part of the greenspace area (the small area at the end of the road) is being turned into the access road for the school development and this has already resulted in the destruction of several perfectly healthy mature and recently planted trees, and the mature sycamore tree by the old swimming pool is still under threat of felling.

There is an enforcement action pending consideration for the on the school site in relation to the tree lopping/felling.

We note that on the latest development plans the mature trees on the greenspace immediately west of the road are shown as to be retained and protected during construction.

Greenspace put up for sale (behind closed doors), August 2016

The bad news is that the greenspace is under threat from developers (again).

Following recent enquiries by residents regarding ground investigation (boreholes) completed on the greenspace on 15 August 2016, City Property has advised the following:

“The site at Broomhill Avenue is owned by Glasgow City Council and is identified in City Plan 2,  as Dev. 2 (Development Policy principle: Residential and Supporting Uses).  Following an approach from an adjoining owner the site was declared surplus to Council requirements on 3 November 2014 and passed to City Property to dispose in order to generate a capital receipt for the Council.  City Property is currently in negotiation with the adjoining owner for the disposal of the ground.  Once agreement has been reached, a report will be prepared for the relevant Council Committee seeking agreement on the terms and conditions of the sale. 

The proposal for the adjoining owner is for a flatted residential development, the principle of which would likely to be supportable in terms of City Plan 2, however, detailed considerations regarding the amenity space will be undertaken during the planning process. If you would like more detailed information regarding City Plan 2 I would advise you to contact Development and Regeneration Services.”

The above situation has arisen despite assurance from Glasgow City Council in 2008 that the greenspace would be excluded from any future development package.

We note that no ‘for sale’ signs have appeared on the greenspace and were it not for the boreholes being observed by local residents the sale of the site might have passed through without anyone being aware of what was going on.

There is currently an enforcement action against the developer which is under consideration by the Council planning department for the entire greenspace area in relation to unauthorised development.

If you do not want the greenspace to be sold for development as flatted residential development please take action as soon as you can.

Actions you can take are:

  1. Write to your local councillors and express your concerns – you can find their details at:
  2. Write to your MSPs – their details are at:
  3. Write to your MP: Carol Monaghan MP,
  4. Attend Broomhill Community Council meetings to make your objection to the sale of the land to a developer
  5. Become a member of Friends of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace
  6. Check out our facebook page for updates:

You can download the council’s lealfet on how to comment on a planning application by clicking here (pdf document)

Email address for comments:

Representations should be sent to:
Development and Regeneration Services
Development Control
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX

Broomhill is a Conservation Area

Since 8 December 2015 Broomhill, including the greenspace, has been a conservation area.

Conservation Area status requires the character of an area to be maintained, but recognises the need for change, requiring a sensitive approach that respects, conserves and enhances the special character and attractiveness of the area.

With regard to trees the document says:

Demolition of any structure and works affecting trees are also subject to Planning Control. Trees are automatically protected and you must give the Council 6 weeks notice in writing or via Email: of the intended works.

Notably, the greenspace at Broomhill Avenue is identified on the Broomhill Conservation Townscape Character Assessment Plan as a Green Corridor (see p.18 at the link below).

You can view the document describing the Broomhill Conservation area here:

Commenting on Planning Applications

Please note that at present we are not aware of a planning application being submitted for the main greenspace area.

For planning applications in general, the planning department gives the following guidance on how to comment on a planning application.

Material Considerations

Material considerations are the issues the Council can consider when assessing a planning application.

Material planning considerations include:

  • Contrary to the Development Plan
  • Road safety, traffic and parking issues
  • Residential amenity (loss of privacy, overshadowing, loss of daylight, etc)
  • Appearance (design, materials, scale, massing, etc)
  • Impact on the character and setting of a listed buildings and/or conservation areas

Non-Material Considerations

Non-material considerations are issues that cannot be taken account of and cannot influence our decision on an application.

Non-material planning considerations include:

  • Loss of a private view
  • Impact on property values
  • Legal issues such as feu restrictions or land ownership disputes
  • Commercial interests and competition
  • Matters covered by building regulations or other legislation

There is a map search tool on the planning website where you can check for planning applications in your area, this can be accessed here:



There has been a lot of litter accumulating at the greenspace this year, especially around the recycling bin area.

A litter collection was done just of this small area by the Friends of Group on Easter Sunday of this area, filling four shopping bags with rubbish and recyclable stuff such as cans . Following a chat with one of the taxi drivers who park down there, there has been generally less litter, however it is looking bad again so more litter picking will be needed (and vigilance to catch whoever is leaving their rubbish and tell them to stop!).