Balshagray School Development Plans Update

The latest planning application for the Balshagray School site and adjoining land by the above mentioned adjoining owner can be viewed on the Council website here:

The plans show 69 flats, 58 parking spaces, and removal of all trees at the west side of the school site.

Part of the greenspace area (the small area at the end of the road) is being turned into the access road for the school development and this has already resulted in the destruction of several perfectly healthy mature and recently planted trees, and the mature sycamore tree by the old swimming pool is still under threat of felling.

There is an enforcement action pending consideration for the on the school site in relation to the tree lopping/felling.

We note that on the latest development plans the mature trees on the greenspace immediately west of the road are shown as to be retained and protected during construction.

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